I shamelessly copied Lord Commander Eloth with this idea, he did it first and I though it looked pretty epic!

Warhammer 40k

Blood Guard
My Home-Brew Space Marine Chapter – Blood Angels Successors

Aris 412th
The dodgiest Astra Militarum Company you’ll ever see!

The Shadowspear Box-set painted up as Mortifactors

Age of Sigmar

Cities of Sigmar
Hailing from the Tempestus Eye, Free Cities of Sigmar.

Sneaking in from the Old World – Square bases and all

Daemons of Chaos
They’re for Age of Sigmar, so technically it’s not Heresy.

Stormcast Eternals
I’ve not painted many…

Idoneth Deepking
I’ve painted even less

Old-hammer painting project with Lord Commander Eloth

Misc Models

Misc Models
Models that don’t fit any other heading.

World of Parrvolis

World of Parrvolis – World Building
A world of my own building

Wicked Games

As of today, I am a published author. Of Orc Smut. After years of wistful dreaming, overthinking, doubt and suppression. I did it. This year, I bit the bullet, I ate that frog and all other manners of buzz phrases. I wrote a story. I finished a story. I had faith in my story enough […]

World of Parrvolis – Writing

[Parrvolis] Waking the Dead

A bit before Christmas, I expressed an interest in writing. All within a world that I was creating – Oure. Then lockdown hit the UK and everything became about surviving the winter. Anything other than reading felt like a struggle. Now that longer, warmer days are here I feel able and ready to pick things […]

World of Parrvolis – Characters

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