What to do on a Sunday?

Update with artwork, of course!It's been a while since I shared any of my artwork and rather than give each of these their own posts, I figured I'd wait until I had a few things finished and share them all together. Commissions It wouldn't be an art update if there wasn't some busts to share!... Continue Reading →

Miniature Monday – 4th Oct

That week zoomed by quickly! Another instalment of Miniature Monday is already upon us - although I'll be adding a couple of things at the end of this post that concern other topics too! Stormblood Guard This week for the Stormblood Guard, I have mostly been sticking Paladins together. These are fantastic models and I... Continue Reading →

Miniature Monday

Hello everyone~ In an attempt to give my blog some sort of organisation, I've decided to start a few special weekly features - a bit like how Fangirl Friday used to be, but for other things. One of these features of Miniature Monday. I have been live-streaming some mornings a week while I paint and... Continue Reading →


It's been a hot minute since I drew some orcs! Still, keeping the Parrvolis thing going - still need to look at menus - and I've been meaning to get something of Thrazo down on paper ever since he turned up! He is Elijah Lyntons henchman, a mercenary and an orc, they aren’t common in... Continue Reading →

Marcel Chavaron

I had a blast putting drawing this picture up during a Livestream. The impromptu streams are always the most fun! As the post title suggests this is Marcel Chavaron, unlike the previous character from Parrvolis, Marcel is actually a genuinely nice guy - I did share a bit of writing about him a bit back.... Continue Reading →

Elijah Lynton

It feels like it has been a long time since I drew and shared any personal artwork. I've been itching to get back into the swing of it - accepting the style of art that I do best; busts and concept style 'stuff' I've also been wanting to delve back into Parrvolis and play some... Continue Reading →

Chaplain on a Bike

This model initially intimidated me. I adore Chaplains so I really wanted to do him justice - I mean, he is an epic model - but I wasn't sure how to go about it. I streamed blocking in the base colours and part way through the process decided that the bike should be read. The... Continue Reading →


I've been working on finishing up a few of the Space Marines as of late, and managed to get the five man squad of intercessors finished off. Why do models always look decent until they're photographed? I can see so many bits that I missed and really should touch up, but prior to that I... Continue Reading →


A rare hobby post appears!! It's been a while since I felt in the right sort of mood for miniature hobby 'stuff' but after being encouraged to Livestream again, I've been slowly getting back into it - I think it helps that the kiddo has gone back to school and I can focus a bit... Continue Reading →

Update: September 2021

Here we are again, with another update; mostly of things to come. Reading and future plans. For the sharp-eyed, you'll have noticed that the blog is once again host to a whole plethora of 'stuff.' To cut a long story short, I've been working with a counsellor and together we discussed internet safety, addiction amongst... Continue Reading →

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