What to do on a Sunday?

Update with artwork, of course!It's been a while since I shared any of my artwork and rather than give each of these their own posts, I figured I'd wait until I had a few things finished and share them all together. Commissions It wouldn't be an art update if there wasn't some busts to share!... Continue Reading →

Miniature Monday – 4th Oct

That week zoomed by quickly! Another instalment of Miniature Monday is already upon us - although I'll be adding a couple of things at the end of this post that concern other topics too! Stormblood Guard This week for the Stormblood Guard, I have mostly been sticking Paladins together. These are fantastic models and I... Continue Reading →

Miniature Monday

Hello everyone~ In an attempt to give my blog some sort of organisation, I've decided to start a few special weekly features - a bit like how Fangirl Friday used to be, but for other things. One of these features of Miniature Monday. I have been live-streaming some mornings a week while I paint and... Continue Reading →

Chaplain on a Bike

This model initially intimidated me. I adore Chaplains so I really wanted to do him justice - I mean, he is an epic model - but I wasn't sure how to go about it. I streamed blocking in the base colours and part way through the process decided that the bike should be read. The... Continue Reading →


I've been working on finishing up a few of the Space Marines as of late, and managed to get the five man squad of intercessors finished off. Why do models always look decent until they're photographed? I can see so many bits that I missed and really should touch up, but prior to that I... Continue Reading →


A rare hobby post appears!! It's been a while since I felt in the right sort of mood for miniature hobby 'stuff' but after being encouraged to Livestream again, I've been slowly getting back into it - I think it helps that the kiddo has gone back to school and I can focus a bit... Continue Reading →

Update: September 2021

Here we are again, with another update; mostly of things to come. Reading and future plans. For the sharp-eyed, you'll have noticed that the blog is once again host to a whole plethora of 'stuff.' To cut a long story short, I've been working with a counsellor and together we discussed internet safety, addiction amongst... Continue Reading →


Has anyone else heard of this strange passtime? It's where you download an App on your phone, which leads you to the middle of no where to look for dirty, usually wet, containers. In which you find a log-book to sign, sometimes a little toy of some description - which you swap for another toy... Continue Reading →

IR: Rossendale Way

I'm not 100% sure if the name of the location for these photographs is correct, but I kept seeing signposts with this route marked out while walking, so I figured it'd fit! These were taken while out on a family walk near the three reservoirs in the area. Much fun was had by all, but... Continue Reading →

IR: Mablethorpe

Having been away from home for the past week, I took the chance to take a few pictures with the Infrared camera - I didn't snap as much as I thought, because we were so busy doing other things - like playing on the beach, going to the circus, carbooting, geocaching and spending all my... Continue Reading →

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