[Book Review] Ensnared by the Orc – Tara Phillips

Title: Ensnared by the OrcAuthor: Tara PhillipsPublished by: Independently PublishedPublication date: 15th Sept 2020Genre: Erotica/Orc-SmutPages: 72Format: eBookSource: Kindle UnlimitedSeries: Orc Brides Affiliate Links Buy the Book - Kindle Blurb/Synopsis The orc who rescues her wants more for helping her than just her hand in marriage.He wants everything. Runa thought she enjoyed her simple life as the local village’s hermit. She has her... Continue Reading →

[Book Review] The Grey Bastards – Jonathan French

Title: The Grey BastardsAuthor: Jonathan FrenchPublished by: OrbitPublication date: 21st June 2018Genre: FantasyPages: 464Format: PaperbackSource: Private CollectionSeries: The Lot Lands Affiliate Links Buy the Book - Kindle Buy the Book - Amazon Blurb/Synopsis BRING ON THE ORCS . . . Jackal is proud to be a Grey Bastard, member of a sworn brotherhood of half-orcs. Unloved and unwanted in civilized society, the... Continue Reading →

[Book Review] Grak: Private Investigator – Joseph J Bailey

Title: Grak: Private InvestigatorAuthor: Joseph J BaileyPublished by: Independently PublishedPublication date: 19th Feb 2017Genre: Urban FantasyPages: 234Format: eBookSource: KindleSeries: Orc PI Affiliate Links Buy the Book - Kindle Buy the Book - Amazon Blurb/Synopsis The city of Alyon is in trouble. Its citizens are turning into monsters. Not the good kind of monsters—terrifying, bloodthirsty, flesh-rending, citizen-killing monsters. When Grak’s favorite barkeep tells... Continue Reading →

[Book Review] The Witcher: Sword of Destiny – Andrzej Sapkowski

Title: The Witcher: Sword of DestinyAuthor: Andrezej SapkowskiPublished by: GollanczPublication date: 13th Feb. 2020Genre: FantasyPages: 400Format: PaperbackSource: Personal Collection Affiliate Links Buy the Book - Amazon Buy the Book - Kindle Blurb/Synopsis Geralt of Rivia is a Witcher, a man whose magic powers and lifelong training have made him a brilliant fighter and a merciless assassin. Yet he is no ordinary... Continue Reading →

The War of Powers – Robert E Vardeman & Victor Milan

Title: The War of PowersAuthor: Robert E Vardeman & Victor MilanPublished by: Hodder & StoughtonPublication date: 1st March 1984Genre: FantasyPages: 464Format: PaperbackSource: Private Collection Buy the Book - Amazon Blurb/Synopsis It seemed like a routine delivery job. Except that the parcel was a jug containing a genie called Erimines the Ethical, who knew the secret of immortality but was actually... Continue Reading →

Illborn – Daniel T Jackson

Title: IllbornAuthor: Daniel T JacksonPublished by: TroubadorPublication date: 2nd March 2021Genre: FantasyPages: 714Format: PaperbackSource: Private CollectionSeries: Illborn Saga Buy the Book - Amazon Buy the Book - Kindle Blurb/Synopsis Long ago, The Lord Aiduel emerged from the deserts of the Holy Land, possessed with divine powers. He used these to forcibly unite the peoples of Angall, before His ascension to heaven. Over... Continue Reading →

Throne of Glass – Sarah J Maas

Title: Throne of GlassAuthor: Sarah J MaasPublished by: BloomsburyPublication date: 2nd August 2012Genre: Fantasy/Young AdultPages: 416Format: PaperbackSource: Private Collection Buy the Book - Amazon Buy the Book - Kindle Buy the Book - Audible Blurb/Synopsis Meet Celaena Sardothien. Beautiful. Deadly. Destined for greatness. In the dark, filthy salt mines of Endovier, an 18-year-old girl is serving a life sentence. She... Continue Reading →

Spidertouch – Alex Thomson

Title: SpidertouchAuthor: Alex ThomsonPublished by: Angry RobotPublication date: 14th Dec 2021Genre: Sci-Fi & FantasyPages: 300Format: eBookSource: NetGalley Buy the book - Amazon Buy the book - Kindle Blurb/Synopsis In an enslaved city under siege, who is the real enemy? When he was a boy, Razvan trained as a translator for the hated Keda, the mute enslavers of his city, Val... Continue Reading →

The Crimson Script – S J Hull

Title: The Crimson ScriptAuthor: SJ HullPublished by: Independently PublishedPublication date: 12th Feb 2021Genre: FantasyPages: 342Format: eBookSource: Author Buy the Book - Amazon Buy the Book - Kindle Blurb/Synopsis Abys-Luthil is a city that stands upon the brink of civil war. Its halls of power darken with growing plots, and rival gangs terrorise its aged streets. Criminals raid stately homes in search... Continue Reading →

The Red Hours – Evan Dicken

Title: The Red HoursAuthor: Evan DickenPublished by: Black LibraryPublication date: 10th Nov 2018Genre: FantasyPages: 105Format: eBookSource: Personal Collection Buy the Book - Kindle Blurb/Synopsis At the bleeding edge of Chamon sits a lone outpost: The Grave of Heroes. Once a great fortress, it’s now no more than a thinly disguised prison for soldiers the armies of Sigmar would rather forget.... Continue Reading →

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