Throne of Glass – Sarah J Maas

Title: Throne of GlassAuthor: Sarah J MaasPublished by: BloomsburyPublication date: 2nd August 2012Genre: Fantasy/Young AdultPages: 416Format: PaperbackSource: Private Collection Buy the Book - Amazon Buy the Book - Kindle Buy the Book - Audible Blurb/Synopsis Meet Celaena Sardothien. Beautiful. Deadly. Destined for greatness. In the dark, filthy salt mines of Endovier, an 18-year-old girl is serving a life sentence. She... Continue Reading →

Last One to Die – Cynthia Murphy

Title: Last One to DieAuthor: Cynthia MurphyPublished by: ScholasticPublication date: January 7th 2021Genre: Young Adult/MysteryPages: 294Format: PaperbackSource: Bury Library Buy the Book - Amazon Buy the Book - Kindle Blurb/Synopsis Young, brunette women are being attacked in the city of London. 16-year-old, Irish-born Niamh has just arrived for the summer, and quickly discovers that the girls being attacked look... Continue Reading →

Runaway Train – Lee Matthew Goldburg

Title: Runaway TrainAuthor: Lee Matthew GoldburgPublished by: Wise WolfPublication date: 29th April 2021Genre: Young Adult/Coming of AgePages: 296Format: eBookSource: Author Buy the Book - Amazon Buy the Book - Kindle Blurb/Synopsis They told me I was an out-of-control train about to crash… Everything changed when the police officer knocked on the door to tell me – a 16-year-old –... Continue Reading →

Warhammer Adventures: City of Lifestone – Tom Huddleston

Title: Warhammer Adventures: City of LifestoneAuthor: Tom HuddlestonPublished by: Black LibraryPublication date: 21st Feb 2019Genre: Fantasy/Young AdultPages: 208Format: PaperbackSource: Personal Collection Buy the Book - Amazon Buy the Book - Kindle Buy the Book - Bookshop Blurb/Synopsis Raised as a slave in the Darkoath camps of Aqshy, Kiri dreams of a better life. Of a city of wonders, the... Continue Reading →

Chimera’s Fire (Chimera Project #1) – S.H Steel

Title: Chimera's FireAuthor: S. H Steel Published by: Dream Write PublishingPublication date: 31st March 2020Genre: Spy ThrillerPages: 41Format: eBookSource: BookTasters Buy the Book - Amazon Blurb/Synopsis Project Chimera has been targeted and it is up to the three members of this elite intelligence agency to clear their names and bring justice to those who mean to do them harm. River... Continue Reading →

Nathaniel’s got the Blues – David L. Heaney

Title: Nathaniel's Got the BluesAuthor: David HeaneyPublished by: Independently PublishedPublication date: 17th Sept 2020Genre: General FictionPages: 163Format: eBookSource: Author Buy the Book - Amazon Buy the Book - Kindle Buy the Book - Blurb/Synopsis In the winter of his life, Nathaniel, a fruit rat, is bored, angry and depressed. Even his longsuffering wife, Birgit is becoming impatient with... Continue Reading →

The Wolf and the Water – Josie Jaffrey

Title: The Wolf and the WaterAuthor: Josie JaffreyPublished by: Silver Sun BooksPublication date: 8th Oct 2020Genre: Teen and Young AdultPages: 248Format: PaperbackSource: ARC from Author Buy the Book - Amazon Buy the Book - Kobo Blurb/Synopsis The ancient city of Kepos sits in an isolated valley, cut off from the outside world by a towering wall. Behind it, the... Continue Reading →

I was a teenage ghost hunter – Brian K Henry

Title: I was a Teenage Ghost HunterAuthor: Brian HenryPublished by: Amazon Media EU S.à r.l.Publication date: June 11th 2017Genre: Young Adult/Occult horrorPages:  265Format: e-BookSource: Author Buy the book - Amazon Buy the Book - Kindle Blurb/Synopsis Moody sixteen-year-old barista Devin Mulwray is doing his best to ignore bizarre manifestations at his job in the chilly Northern California town of Arcata. Already... Continue Reading →

Mirrorscape – Mike Wilks

Title: MirrorscapeAuthor: Mike WilksPublished by: Egmont Publication date:  1 Oct. 2007 Genre: Young Adult/FantasyPages:  528Format: PaperbackSource: Personal collection Buy the Book: Amazon "In a world where rules and reason don't apply, Melkin Womper, apprentice to master painter Ambrosius Blenk, and his new friends Ludo and Wren find themselves caught in a power struggle that involves stepping through paintings into a... Continue Reading →

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