3W Wednesday – 19th Jan

What are you Reading? A Flicker in the Dark - Stacy Willingham One of my outstanding NetGalley requests about the daughter of a serial killer, her mental health issues, and the fact that it's all coming around again. A rather interesting read so far, that I am roughly 20% of the way through and am... Continue Reading →

Sharpe’s Havoc – Bernard Cornwell

Title: Sharpe's HavocAuthor: Bernard CornwellPublished by: HarperCollinsPublication date: 7th April 2003Genre: Historical FictionPages: 368Format: PaperbackSource: Private CollectionSeries: Sharpe Buy the Book - Amazon Buy the Book - Kindle Buy the Book - Bookstore.org Buy the Book - Book Depository Blurb/Synopsis A small British army is stranded when the French invade northern Portugal and Lieutenant Richard Sharpe meets the future Duke of... Continue Reading →

Just Another Liar – Mandy Byatt (ARC Review)

Title: Just Another LiarAuthor: Mandy ByattPublished by: Harper Collins/AvonPublication date: 20th Jan 2022Genre: Psychological ThrillerPages: 384Format: eBook/ARCSource: NetGalley Affiliate Links Buy the Book - Amazon Buy the Book - Kindle Buy the Book - Bookshop.org Buy the Book - Book Depository Blurb/Synopsis Denise, Petra, and Anna all have their reasons for being alone.But they’re not ready to share them.David is... Continue Reading →

Lethal White – Robert Galbraith

Title: Lethal WhiteAuthor: Robert GalbraithPublished by: SpherePublication date: 18th Sept 2018Genre: Crime/ThrillerPages: 650Format: HardbackSource: Private CollectionSeries: Cormoran Strike Buy the Book - Amazon Buy the Book - Kindle Buy the Book - Bookshop.org Blurb/Synopsis When Billy, a troubled young man, comes to private eye Cormoran Strike's office to ask for his help investigating a crime he thinks he witnessed as a child, Strike... Continue Reading →

2021 Book Summary

The advantage of using an external site like GoodReads is that it does all the hard work for you when it comes to summaries. It stores all the data and keeps it handy when it comes to doing the yearly write-up. I started using Goodreads right at the end of 2019, so my data for... Continue Reading →

The War of Powers – Robert E Vardeman & Victor Milan

Title: The War of PowersAuthor: Robert E Vardeman & Victor MilanPublished by: Hodder & StoughtonPublication date: 1st March 1984Genre: FantasyPages: 464Format: PaperbackSource: Private Collection Buy the Book - Amazon Blurb/Synopsis It seemed like a routine delivery job. Except that the parcel was a jug containing a genie called Erimines the Ethical, who knew the secret of immortality but was actually... Continue Reading →

3W Wednesday – 5th January

What are you reading? Just Another Liar - Mandy Byatt I'm trying to get through my NetGalley reads at the beginning of the year, purely so I can try and get a few more of them. I started this book yesterday and either it's really short and or I am burning through it and thoroughly... Continue Reading →

3W Wednesday – 22nd December

Things feel a little slower on the book reading front, mostly due to indecision on my part on what to read next... not sure I've made the right choice, but I'll stick with it! I started reading something else, but it felt disjointed as I was falling asleep (no fault of the books) so I... Continue Reading →

The Long Weekend – Gilly MacMillan [ARC]

Title: The Long WeekendAuthor: Gilly MacMillanPublished by: Random House UK, CornerstonePublication date: 3rd Feb 2022Genre: ThrillerPages: 400Format: eBookSource: NetGalley Buy the Book - Kindle Buy the Book - Amazon Blurb/Synopsis By the time you read this, I'll have killed one of your husbands. In an isolated retreat, deep in the Northumbria moors, three women arrive for a weekend getaway. Their... Continue Reading →

Illborn – Daniel T Jackson

Title: IllbornAuthor: Daniel T JacksonPublished by: TroubadorPublication date: 2nd March 2021Genre: FantasyPages: 714Format: PaperbackSource: Private CollectionSeries: Illborn Saga Buy the Book - Amazon Buy the Book - Kindle Blurb/Synopsis Long ago, The Lord Aiduel emerged from the deserts of the Holy Land, possessed with divine powers. He used these to forcibly unite the peoples of Angall, before His ascension to heaven. Over... Continue Reading →

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