If you gotta go, go, gotta go motorbike ridin’

Motorbikin' I was given this amazing model by Heretic Deb for Christmas and I made it my mission to paint it by the end of the year. I spent the first half of the year scared that I'd mess it up and not be able to do it's gloriousness justice! Then I got over that... Continue Reading →

As a break from Orcs… I present an Orc.

A bit of a break from Orcs in terms of reading trashy Orc Smut novels, that has to count for something, right? I had a nice long day off where the Kiddo was having a Grandma sleepover, Eloth was away with work and I was free to roam! So, I did a rare bit of... Continue Reading →

Titus, The Disgraced and the Glory Seekers

Lord Commander Eloth managed to twist my arm and get me into playing GodTear. Thus, painting GodTear! We had a Kiddo free couple of days while he was having a sleepover at his Grandma's so miniature painting was achieved! I'd finished Titus sometime earlier this year but his followers have been in some sort of... Continue Reading →

Book Photos

I am currently away on holiday, so rather than trying to guess what's coming up on the Reading List and knowing what I'm currently reading ahead of time... I thought I'd share some recent photographs of book-related things I've managed to snap. I'd very much like to take some more still-life pictures of the books... Continue Reading →

Bust Commissions – March

These are the bust commissions from last week. A couple of different ones this time. Always good to get to do something new! Including an Only War RP character, Chaos Sorceror and Renegade Dude; as well as my favorite, a Home-Brew Chapter Master. While I am grateful to the people who commission me for these... Continue Reading →

Commissions – Busts

The grand old saying goes; "Freelancers got to eat." So I opened up for bust commissions again and was lucky enough to have some people saying they'd like some. These are all for various clients via Twitter or Instagram. My personal favourite is Commissar Khornedog at the end! Also, never been asked for an Interrogator... Continue Reading →

Godtear – Skullbreaker

Skullbreaker is the newest released champion for GodTear, by Stormforged Games, and as such, I really wanted to get in there quick and finish painting him early doors! It also helps that I had a really strong idea of how I wanted to direct his paint scheme... plus he is an Orc with a really... Continue Reading →

Skullbreaker – WIP & Other Godtear WIPs

Seeing as it's all Godtear ago-go in the house at the moment, I thought I'd take some of my time today to do some painting of various models. Skullbreaker Skullbreaker is the newest GodTear Champion - I pre-ordered him and he was delivered on Friday, I've played a couple of games with him. He hit's... Continue Reading →

Godtear – Blackjaw

I had the hobby model painting itch earlier in the week and because Godtear has been the go-to game in the house lately, I thought I'd paint up another one of the Champions I use. Blackjaw. An Orc. Good at hitting minions. My playstyle is somewhat aggressive and generally based on killing things... As with... Continue Reading →

Godtear – Titus

When I posted the WIP shots of the model and discussed the base, I mentioned snow bases... I went in completely the opposite direction and went for something wasteland-esque. Purely because I have done snow/tundra bases before and I wanted to try something new. I think everything else about the Godtear models was said in... Continue Reading →

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