3W Wednesday – 29th March

What are you reading? Sword of Destiny - Andrezej Sapkowski Picking up this book as a part of a buddy read with Dave and Mark - been meaning to read more of The Witcher series so it was a pretty good excuse to get started again. I've only just finished my previous read and am... Continue Reading →

3W Wednesday – 23rd March

What are you reading? Sharpe's Gold - Bernard Cornwell Bookstooge reminded me that I am reading this series with a recent post of his and I had a bit of a gap in my reading schedule so figured I'd pick up the next in the series. Although I've somehow messed up my order and read... Continue Reading →

3W Wednesday -16th March

What are you reading? Troubled Blood - Robert Galbraith Troubled Blood came in at the library so I snagged it! I didn't intend on reading it so soon after Lethal White, but it's a brick of a book and I had a bit of a gap in my schedule. I'm about 35% through, and while... Continue Reading →

3W Wednesday – 9th March

What are you reading? Lorgar: Bearer of the Word I'm already a good way through this book and I've enjoyed every second of it! It's a proper origin story for the Primarch of the Word Bearers and, honestly, it explains a lot. I feel it's one of the better ones in this series so far,... Continue Reading →

3W Wednesday – 2nd March

What are you reading? The Handmaids Tale - Margaret Atwood I picked up The Handmaid's Tale from the local library after watching the first series. It's always good to compare sources between books and TV series. Currently, I am enjoying the TV series more as I am finding the writing style of the book a... Continue Reading →

3W Wednesday – 23rd Feb

What are you reading? Claws of the Genestealer - Cavan Scott This came about due to a conversation with BooshHammer on Instagram - they posted about the first book in this series. I offered to read the second one along with him, as these books are actually pretty great introductions to the Warhammer 40k setting... Continue Reading →

3w Wednesday – 9th Feb

What are you reading? Fear to Tread - James Swallow Tread no Fear, Fear to Fear, Know no Tread... something like that! Book 21 in the Horus Heresy series. No real comments on it yet, as I've only just started. Reading this with Dave, and I'm hoping to make some progress on it today. I'm... Continue Reading →

3W Wednesday – 26th Jan

What are you reading? The Thousand Eyes - A.K. Larkwood This is one of my NetGalley approvals, released mid-Feb. It's actually the second book in a series, which I didn't realize when requesting, so we shall see how I get on with it. The synopsis made it sound pretty interesting, so I am looking forward... Continue Reading →

3W Wednesday – 19th Jan

What are you Reading? A Flicker in the Dark - Stacy Willingham One of my outstanding NetGalley requests about the daughter of a serial killer, her mental health issues, and the fact that it's all coming around again. A rather interesting read so far, that I am roughly 20% of the way through and am... Continue Reading →

3w Wednesday – 12th Jan

What are you reading? The Primarchs - Christian Dunn The first buddy read of the year with Dave at Wordaholic Anonymous. It's great to pick up the Horus Heresy series again and get back into the swing of all things Space Marine. So far the book is pretty good, it has longer short stories than... Continue Reading →

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