It’s Great to Create

I was sent an email from Jon Burgermans mailing list about this book and because I am always tempted to pick up my pens and start the doodle artwork again, I thought it might be worth giving this book a try. I also thought that the idea inside might help feed and inspiremy character  ... Continue Reading →

Water Colours – 280717

Hello everyone. I just wanted to write a quick blog post and share a I know up card with you all. I had some miniature success over on Instagram when I shared the images in my previous post. I expressed my interest in making some greetings cards out of them and have a few positive... Continue Reading →

Finally, some finished works

As you can probably tell, I've been somewhat inspired these past few days to keep trying my hand at abstract artwork. It's not really something I have considered before now, but I find that I am enjoying it more and more - even looking at others abstract works and seeing if I can figure out... Continue Reading →

Searching my Feelings

Hi everyone Seeing as I've put my Nature Image to the side for the time being, I decided to try and do something different. Sort of. I repeated a process of working that I enjoyed the first time around, but this time I wanted to actually think about something more personal and see if that... Continue Reading →

New Abstract Artwork

Hi everyone~ I just wanted to share my latest art work with you all. It's another experimental piece from Abstracts: Techniques and Textures. I am swearing by this book at the moment! The background was created using watered down acrylic with just some dribbles over the top. I honestly loved the way of working with... Continue Reading →

First steps – Acrylic Painting on Canvas

I mentioned in my first post that I checked a book out from the library - Abstract Art: Techniques and Textures - well, I managed to find a little bit of time this week to give one of the 'lessons' a go. I think a big part of this journey for me is finding something that... Continue Reading →

New paintings? 

I managed to get out in the garden this morning and do some painting. It's been a fair while since I did anything creative like this, so it was good fun again. It involves a lot of water and making a mess, so the husband will probably be mortified when I tell him what I... Continue Reading →


Hi Gang, I don't often put written posts with my daily doodles, but because this one looks a little different I thought I would say something about it. Hope you don't mind! I didn't take that much away from my days at University studying Illustration - mostly because I was pursuing an art direction that... Continue Reading →

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