Hi guys, Been a bit again. It seems whenever I resolved to update the blog more often I forget about it and have to do some sort of grovelling whenever I do come to post here. So maybe I should just stop trying to make that dedicated effort and just post whenever inspiration hits! After... Continue Reading →

A tragic day for Fangirl

I feel that it would be somewhat insensitive to shout out "Game over, man, Game over." But I guess that is what Bill Paxton was most known for - especially among us Aliens Fans. I was saddened to hear of his recent passing - being the Aliens, Hudson and Bill Paxton fan that I am.... Continue Reading →

Hello everyone~

How are we today? I am trying to kickstart my creativity again by attempting to write some Aliens flash fictions. Just some short extracts of about 500-1000 words. This might be a little long compared to others, but I don't think Flash Fiction has a widely accepted length. It'll just be some simple, easy things... Continue Reading →

Some Sketches

I am so far out of practise drawing with a pencil it's not funny!! I'll have to try harder to keep up with things, this is just getting silly! These are some sketches from the other day. The top one, obviously, Hicks - because I am still on a high of him! The bottom one,... Continue Reading →

Flavour of the week.

Somehow, this week I am on an Aliens high again - I guess now it's only normal for me to swing back around to the franchise. To Quote, "You've been a part of my life I don't remember anything else," It comes because I finally remembered to upload the first chapter of a fanfiction I... Continue Reading →

The hardest question – Aliens

At University the other day we were asked a series of questions. Hard ones at that. "What is your favourite film?" "What is the film that means the most to you?" "What is your favourite song?" "What song means the most to you?" "What is your favourite book?" "What book means the most to you?"... Continue Reading →


I finally got round to seeing this film. It had been on my hit-list for a while; but time and energies hadn't allowed me to see it. I've heard all manner of things about this movie, both good, bad and indifferent so I've also been  little apprehensive about it as well. In my mind I... Continue Reading →


It always, always makes me happy when someone else joins in on my fangirling. I've not made a full post about him yet, but this little gem of overheard conversation from my weekend away made me laugh. After spending the week away from him and his arrival at the front door, my boyfriend arrives. My... Continue Reading →

Weekly Necromunda Report: 2

Sadly, there isn't actually anything new to report this week as I have been away from my models. There is a lot of planning going on; a lot of ideas flowing to make up for the numbers in my gang. I believe there is a Grammaton cleric on the way, or possibly Malcom Reynolds. However,... Continue Reading →

Weekly Necromunda Report: 1

Not exactly much of a report this one, but the start of something new. I didn't initially plan to actually make this into a thing on here, but I thought it was pretty much in the boundaries of what I use this place for. Anyway, Necromunda Gang. It kind of fits in with my fan-girling, purely because... Continue Reading →

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