I wish I could go back to playing barbies in my roomThey never say that you gotta grow up, quite this soonHow fast things change, and now I'm hereAnd all I wanna doIs go back to playing barbies in my room - Pink, Barbies Does anyone else remember when all the furrys wore Tripp style... Continue Reading →

You cannot afford this girl

I only have a few sketches remaining from my WIP 'stash' and once these ones are done I think I'll take a small break from the anthropomorphic work as it's been taking over a bit the past few days/weeks. I like to try and keep things in balance and at the moment they're a little... Continue Reading →


I'm coming up to the end of my run of sketches. I think I have one or two more than I feel inspired to finish off then it'll be back to the sketching table when I am back home. Kizmit, looking rather angry at something. This is pretty much her default mood and she reflects... Continue Reading →

Catt Headshots

Much like the headshots of Bandi and Honey Pie, these were created by two different artists. This time, Catt and I finished off these pictures. I have one or two more of these pictures up my sleeve, involving my character Hope and then I'll call these quits so I don't burn out on them. They... Continue Reading →

with all the money in the world…

...You could never buy this girl --- This is the first of (hopefully) many of Kizmit in this sort of theme.I've become attached to the idea that she is coming to terms with her desired relationship isn't any good for her - she was once keen on a Total Power Exchange relationship and searched everywhere... Continue Reading →

Bandit – Side by Side

In a similar style to my previous post, here are the finished results of Bandi another character belonging to ZoelNoOne I am pretty sure we'll be doing more of these in the future. I do have a bust of Hope and Kizmit sketched already so maybe I can throw those ZoelNoOnes way too!

Honey Pie – Side by Side

One of the fun things about drawing and creating is working alongside others on side projects. Small things that are meant to be nothing but pure enjoyment. This character is Honey Pie, they belong to my co-conspirator ZoelNoOne, I shared the lines for these with them and they proposed we both colour them up. So,... Continue Reading →

Bitter Betrayal

Oh gosh, is that a Kizmit!? I've been working on her and her story lately.Kizmit has finally realised that she will never get someone up to her standards that can own her in a total power exchange relationship and it's shattered her world. Needless to say, she is upset about it and is taking her... Continue Reading →


've been working on this picture on and off for the past couple of days.It's felt really, really good to design something from the ground up. Serpentis is the flesh Goddess of my canon setting and the deity that Torquemada serves as High-Bailiff. I had a strong mental image for her so decided to give... Continue Reading →

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