[ARC Review] This Might Hurt – Stephanie Wrobel

Title: This Might HurtAuthor: Stephanie WrobelPublished by: PenguinPublication date: 3rd March 2022Genre: Psychological ThrillerPages: 373Format: eBookSource: NetGalley Affiliate Links Buy the Book - Amazon Buy the Book - Kindle Blurb/Synopsis Welcome to Wisewood. We'll keep your secrets, if you keep ours . . .Kit Collins needs help. Hopeless and directionless, she signs up to Wisewood, a self-help retreat which... Continue Reading →

[ARC Review] Equinox – David Towsey

Title: EquinoxAuthor: David TowseyPublished by: Head of ZeusPublication date: 12th May 2022Genre:Pages: 336Format: eBookSource: NetGalley Affiliate links Buy the Book - Amazon Buy the Book - Kindle Buy the Book - Waterstones Buy the Book - Book Despository Blurb/Synopsis Christophor Morden lives by night. His day-brother, Alexsander, knows only the sun. They are two souls in a single body, in a... Continue Reading →

[ARC Review] The Deadly Grimoire – Rosemary Jones

Title: The Deadly GrimoireAuthor: Rosemary JonesPublished by: AconytePublication date: 15th March 2022Genre: Horror/Media Tie-inPages: 252Format: eBookSource: NetGalley Affiliate Links Preorder - Amazon Buy the Book - Kindle Blurb/Synopsis A daring actress and a barnstorming pilot team up to save the world from supernatural disaster in this uncanny pulp adventure set in the world of Arkham HorrorBetsy Baxter is the plucky stunt-actor star... Continue Reading →

The Hand of the Sun King – J. T. Greathouse

Title: The Hand of the Sun KingAuthor: J. T. GreathousePublished by: Gollancz Publication date: 5th August 2021Genre: FantasyPages: 416Format: eBook ARCSource: NetGalley Buy the Book - Kindle Buy the Book - Amazon Blurb/Synopsis All my life, I have been torn between two legacies: that of my father, whose roots trace back to the right hand of the Emperor. That of... Continue Reading →

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