Phantasy Star Online

This post is a bit of a blast from the past - in more ways than one - more akin to the posts of yesteryear when the term Fangirl applied a bit more and because I am going to talk about a game that I used to play a long time ago with my former... Continue Reading →

Rambo: Last Blood

I just want to take a moment to state I first blogged about this film waaaay back in 2014 and a few times since then - but finally the waiting was over and I dragged Heretic Deb along to the cinema with me to see Rambo: Last Blood. So this 'review' will naturally take a... Continue Reading →

Fangirl – Jill Robi

Title: FangirlAuthor: Jill RobiPublished by:CreateSpace Independent Publishing PlatformPublication date: August 17, 2012Genre: RomancePages: 194Format: eBookSource: Kobo Buy the Book – Amazon Buy the Book – Kobo I stumbled upon this book completely by accident. I have had a voucher for WH Smiths/Kobo for over a year now and on my reading list was Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell - but I've heard mixed... Continue Reading →

Fangirl Feature – Inch High Guy

This week’s Fangirl Feature is from Inch High Guy Hobby showcase! Share with us: Your favourite images What games/systems are you most interested in/do you collect? I build almost exclusively in 1/72 scale.  "Inch High Guy" is a reference to that, in 1/72 scale a 6 foot tall man is an inch high.  I like that choosing... Continue Reading →

When the devil calls

I've been back into the whole "Day of the Dead" fandom lately. It's funny how these things get kicked back into our brains. I was looking to see if The Walking Dead was available to watch on Netflix (It isn't) but as a result it showed me Day of the Dead: Bloodline. It was all... Continue Reading →

Here we go again…

This little gem came to my attention quite by accident - being told by a friend over on DevArt - and because nothing gets Fangirl going more than the dangled carrot of promise about more official Rambo content. I am always really skeptical when it comes to more Rambo, the last time I went hunting... Continue Reading →

Miokath Reconfigured

I wanted to give Jenn an alternative coat that was much more 'goth' than her own pink and blue; but I like pink and blue! I also wanted to 'revamp' Miokath again; who is the Cenobite version of Jenn. So I figured why not roll both into one? Miokath is the 'persona' that I have... Continue Reading →

Guest Post – Favourites on the Children’s Channel: The Crimebusters of the Sea I

A Guest Post by The Psychedelic Scrapbookin' Bubblegum Mama Sharky & George (Sharky et Georges in French) Broadcast every morning at 7am on the Childrens Channel, this became a firm childhood favourite. This was the reason to wake up in the morning, and then wait patiently until the school day was over to watch it over teatime... Continue Reading →

Blogging Branding – Guest Blogging

I must admit, I am struggling with this one! I don't know why, but I am a bit in the dark when it comes to guest blogging - I think it's because I don't have many blogger friends on WordPress yet that I can go slinking too, to ask. So, I guess this post is... Continue Reading →

Drills head *remember to update, remember to update, remember to update* Jeez, one of these days it'll go in! So, on the whole Fangirly front, I might be back in action again? I don't know. I've been drawing a series of 'First Date' pictures with Jenn, my fursona. I've been active on dA again and... Continue Reading →

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