I'm coming up to the end of my run of sketches. I think I have one or two more than I feel inspired to finish off then it'll be back to the sketching table when I am back home. Kizmit, looking rather angry at something. This is pretty much her default mood and she reflects... Continue Reading →


I've rather fallen off the cart when it comes to personal artwork these past few weeks and honestly, I don't recall what I have shared and what I haven't. I went through a spell of working with some of my 'main' characters and designing them up for a canon universe, but honestly, since Covid-19 hit... Continue Reading →

Hunter: Gift Art

I took part in a little give-away on twitter the other week, in which Chip very generously offered to sketch a character in return for doing something great for the environment - whenever I go to the local park I pick up some of the rubbish that others leave laying about - and as such... Continue Reading →

Inquisitor Jenn and Heretic Deb

It's only been a few weeks since I drew anything like this and I already feel well out of practise. But here we are, some fan art for Inquisitor Jenn and Heretic Deb who are characters over on Abaddon and Teal I know it's not my best work, but it felt nice to draw something... Continue Reading →

A collaborative effort pt 1

So when Debbie Rushby asked if we could do a collaboration on one of my backgrounds I was more than happy to agree. Especially seeing as I really disliked the way that the background had turned out! Not that people get my unwanted cast offs, I am happy to collaborate with anyone. Though I dare say... Continue Reading →

Check Fish

I initially spoke about this image in a rather popular post called Teasing Composition, and that feels like a while ago now. So it really was high time that this painting got itself finished - and seeing as paintings don't get finished on their own I needed to give it a helping hand. And you know... Continue Reading →

What do I do with you now?

  Well, now that I've created you two, what do I do with you? This is where I've always have a bit of a conundrum with my fine art, especially my paintings. The truth is I am getting a bit of a collection of my own paintings (Which I always forget to sign, I've just... Continue Reading →

Why do I/You paint?

Why do I paint? I've often asked myself this. Why do I create paintings, drawings and write? It's mostly addiction. Not to the process of creating itself, because I personally have taken breaks from the creative process before. But addicted to that strange and often horrible feeling afterwards. That feeling of euphoria that you've created... Continue Reading →

Works in Progress

I wasn't intending to blog today, but seeing as the internet has gone off yet again, I shall see what I can come up with to write. The day has only really just started – I am expecting a visit from the Health Visitor so they can check up on how Marcus is doing; which... Continue Reading →

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