Commission – Noctis Librarian

Another commission for the lovely guys over at Fishy Wargaming These commissions have been great fun, drawing real people as Space Marines was something that I'd not really thought about before so to be able to do these has been a real treat! And if you're interested in commissioning me then please don't hesitate to... Continue Reading →

Revisiting a Champion

When I originally posted about this particular model, I really struggled to capture what I wanted. I had struggled with the Depth of Field aspect of capturing him. So, when I got my new camera the other day, I was eager to give him another try! I am humble when I say I think I... Continue Reading →

A treat for the eyes

I wasn't completely happy with how the photographs in my previous post turned out. Especially the ones of a certain Khorne Warrior Banner Bearer. I don't feel I ever captured him properly. He is a very impressive model and I certainly didn't feel I did him justice. I still don't feel like I have done... Continue Reading →

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