Chaplain on a Bike

This model initially intimidated me. I adore Chaplains so I really wanted to do him justice - I mean, he is an epic model - but I wasn't sure how to go about it. I streamed blocking in the base colours and part way through the process decided that the bike should be read. The... Continue Reading →


I've been working on finishing up a few of the Space Marines as of late, and managed to get the five man squad of intercessors finished off. Why do models always look decent until they're photographed? I can see so many bits that I missed and really should touch up, but prior to that I... Continue Reading →


A rare hobby post appears!! It's been a while since I felt in the right sort of mood for miniature hobby 'stuff' but after being encouraged to Livestream again, I've been slowly getting back into it - I think it helps that the kiddo has gone back to school and I can focus a bit... Continue Reading →

Is that a big sword on your back…?

I just realised I've not painted his helmet lenses... oof. I'll go back and do that right after this post! I think what's irking me about Space Marines is they've got some really nice looking models out there - like this particular chap, but I just can't get them to work out properly for my... Continue Reading →

And then… there were three.

Three very tricky Outriders to photograph, that is! These guys are really chunky to paint. Even more so than other Space Marine bikes - of which I have many, many more to paint. But, crossing these ones off my to-do list brings the others closer! I might take a small break from the Marines again... Continue Reading →


I'm happy to have moved on from the Primaris Intercessors and onto... Primaris Outriders. Space Marines on motorbikes are pretty awesome as is, but when these chunky bikes were revealed in the Indomitus box, they had to be added to my many ranks of motorbikes! (Which, I still need to paint a lot of, d'oh)... Continue Reading →

Assault Intercessors – Final Four

I managed to finish off the final four Assault Intercessors for my Space Marine Home Brew Chapter today. I am rather pleased to see the back of these guys, I feel like they have been hanging over me for a very long time! It's probably not as long as it feels, but phew, am I... Continue Reading →

The last batch

I am somewhat fed up of sharing posts about Assault Intercessors now, so I am sure you're all sick of reading about them! I figured that was a good enough reason to batch paint the last four of them together. Here they are in all their base-coated and washed glory! The arms and backpack aren't... Continue Reading →

Keep on Intercessin’

Another of the Assault Intercessor squad done. 6/10 all done and dusted now. I took these pictures at the same time as the Inquisitorial Scribe/Herald, so they are of the same quality as he is, unfortunately. Still, I'm glad that another one of these models is going up to be shared on here. Progress is... Continue Reading →


(And washed) Photos aren't of the highest quality for this post, but it's only a quick update to share some progress on the latest Assault Intercessor. I feel like we've been here before. I'm thinking the best way to get through my backlog and keep it interesting is to alternate - one marine, one something... Continue Reading →

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