Book Photos

I am currently away on holiday, so rather than trying to guess what's coming up on the Reading List and knowing what I'm currently reading ahead of time... I thought I'd share some recent photographs of book-related things I've managed to snap. I'd very much like to take some more still-life pictures of the books... Continue Reading →

3w Wednesday – 9th Feb

What are you reading? Fear to Tread - James Swallow Tread no Fear, Fear to Fear, Know no Tread... something like that! Book 21 in the Horus Heresy series. No real comments on it yet, as I've only just started. Reading this with Dave, and I'm hoping to make some progress on it today. I'm... Continue Reading →

3W Wednesday – 15th Dec

I went out on my works Christmas do last night and was given some really nice things in my Secret Santa - I've eaten the chocolates already. One of them was a pocket diary/organizer and I am going to use it in regards to NetGalley and book releases so that I feel a bit more... Continue Reading →

3w Wednesday – 3rd Nov

For the sharp-eyed amongst you, you'll see that I've changed up the headings, the URL, and rebranded. I'm not 100% convinced about the changes, maybe it's a little too corporate/professional looking compared to how I write. But I needed the change. I've some goals in mind for the blog for further down the line and... Continue Reading →

Codex: Blood Guard

I've still got a lot of work to do on this particular project and I'd even put it to the side for a while in lieu of other things I wanted to work on. But, this is the first page of Codex: Blood Guard; a mock up image of my home-brew Space Marine Chapters very... Continue Reading →

A starting point.

Just the other day, I went on this lament about how I was no longer in love with something that had once completely lit up my world and life. How I was so disconnected with this thing and how that made me feel; horrible and a like I was a fraud. It was a terrible... Continue Reading →

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