Internet Detox – Day Seven

Monday. I had the blues. I needed a distraction today, so played a heap of Dragon Age again. Soon I’ll be needing a Dragon Age detox!! – I also read about the next step in my watercolour learning process and it looks a lot like it gets complicated quickly. I’ll be giving the next stepContinue reading “Internet Detox – Day Seven”

Internet Detox – Day Six

I don’t think there was much to say about today really. It was a Sunday. Myself and my husband went to the Trafford Centre at about lunchtime, which was a bit of a silly mistake because we seemed to spend about an hour stuck in traffic. We brought ourselves a present in the form ofContinue reading “Internet Detox – Day Six”

Internet Detox – Day Four

I spent most of my day today on Dragon Age: Inquisition. My husband is out this evening so I shall probably spend most of the evening on it as well. – I’ve lost my day timing a little bit with the blog at this point, so while there might be more days in between postsContinue reading “Internet Detox – Day Four”

Internet Detox – Day Two

I felt it nagging today, and as such I felt a little unsettled. I could hear that little voice just telling me; ‘Check your messages, it won’t take long.’ It took a lot of effort to resist it, but I did. And I feel proud of myself. I buried my head in housework, simple thingsContinue reading “Internet Detox – Day Two”

Internet Detox – Day one

Internet Detox – Day One. So far, so good. I didn’t spend any time yesterday on the internet. Other than the few moments it took to update my blog. And you know what? I already feel like I am being rewarded for it. During my morning walk with Barley, about 9:30, I saw something I’veContinue reading “Internet Detox – Day one”