Watercolour – 29/05/2019

Sorry that this scanned in so poorly - I need to figure out a way to scan or photograph watercolour paper cause of how it wrinkles and cockles it doesn't seem to flatten very well on the scanner bed. Maybe if I tried ironing it between some cloth to get it to flatten better. If... Continue Reading →

Pattern Book

I've been working on a 'pattern book' recently, just a few images repeating different ideas and concepts of the same thing. As a way to break out of the repetition - which I can feel being an issue with my art - a bit and expand on my already existing list of skills. My son... Continue Reading →

Collaboration: 22/05/19

I greatly enjoy doing these collaborations with my son (as does he - he always seems really happy to see them) they add an element to my artwork that I'd never have found on my own. Their vibrancy is second to none and use colour combinations I'd never have thought of myself! This is the... Continue Reading →

Collaboration: 20/05/19

I stumbled across this idea quite by accident! I wandered into the studio to pick up my Watercolour backgrounds and saw a big pile of papers that my three year old son had painted on a while ago. I had the flash thought of 'Wouldn't it be great if I did some doodles over his... Continue Reading →

Doodle Art: 17/05/19

I tried something a little bit different with this doodle - I think that's the nature of how I'm doing things at the moment, trying new things - it's the outline that shows it the most. All the dots were done after the initial outline and I think it adds something to the overall feel... Continue Reading →

Prepping the paper

Just a really quick update today. I brought myself some watercolour paper and prepared them for doodling over another day. I'm keen on trying new ways of getting colours into my doodles and I thought it would be interesting to try a bit of mixed media. I've chosen a couple of different colour palettes -... Continue Reading →

Smaller Doodles

I wanted to add a different doodle to my Tip Jar page to that was the main focus of today's doodles. I just wanted something simple that showed off my artwork a bit more in depth than just a little picture of Dinochum. These were a lot of fun to do (Having said that I... Continue Reading →

Heading in the right direction

This feels more like where I'd like to be! I can't express how happy I am to have been able to achieve this, it feels so much more 'me' than what I'd been sharing previously! I feel like this is my 'voice' this is art that is completely unique to me and I am so... Continue Reading →

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