Commission: DeathbyEdvin

I was recently tagged in a conversation on Twitter about my busts - DeathbyEdvin was asking where other Emperors Spears players got theirs from - and there seemed to be some disappointment expressed when it says on my profile I am closed for commissions (Which I am in any official capacity.) That coupled with the... Continue Reading →

Commission: ADB

This was a supremely awesome commission I was asked to do some time ago for a certain authors birthday. I'd pretty much forgotten about this commission, seeing as I couldn't post it right away due to it being for a birthday present. Then coming to sort out my files and folders today in order to... Continue Reading →

Commissions: Flesh Tearers and Emperors Spears

Flesh Tearers Another round of commissions! Aren't I lucky!? I love being able to draw and colour people as their chosen chapters! Especially if they are ones that I wouldn't naturally lean towards. Emperors Spears It inspires me to try sketching and drawing some other chapters - I'm now inspired to try and find other... Continue Reading →

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