Hi guys, Been a bit again. It seems whenever I resolved to update the blog more often I forget about it and have to do some sort of grovelling whenever I do come to post here. So maybe I should just stop trying to make that dedicated effort and just post whenever inspiration hits! After... Continue Reading →

New Life

So recently, everything about my life has changed. All for the better I might add rather hastily. After a 10 month womb infestation I finally got rid of the parasite that was lurking inside me and making my stomach all big and swollen! I cannot tell you how much of a relief that really is!... Continue Reading →

A sad, sad day,

Today, I had to block someone on Fanfiction.net. I find this a sad fact. I've been on FF.net for ten years now, and I've had my ups and downs on the site. Today, I had to block a troll. Trolling is something that I have never really understood, what do people really get out of... Continue Reading →

Tears and Rain

I think it might be the end of an era. I real conclusion. The more I think about the direction I am heading in with Death without End, the more I believe it is that little bit too far. I've dipped into other fandoms before, and while I adore the places I have been with... Continue Reading →

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