Prepping the paper

Just a really quick update today. I brought myself some watercolour paper and prepared them for doodling over another day. I'm keen on trying new ways of getting colours into my doodles and I thought it would be interesting to try a bit of mixed media. I've chosen a couple of different colour palettes -... Continue Reading →


This is the results of yesterdays attempts at drawing & doodling. There are a couple of things that I'm not overly happy with; the fact that my white fine-liner had dried up so I couldn't draw the white lines inside the 'No' how I wanted. It's good to be able to do things like this... Continue Reading →

Semi Colon

I have been encouraged to give this sort of artwork another try - it's always been lurking in the back of my mind - and now that the kiddo has started nursery part-time I feel like I'll be able to throw myself into it with more vigour. What better way than to refresh the blog... Continue Reading →

Pattern book, regular faces and Artwork Update

Hello everyone~ It's time for the weekly update on how things are going, hurrah! This week, I stumbled across the idea of making myself a pattern book out of a sketch book. Filling it with cookie-cutter circles and filling them with various patterns that I think up or come across that inspire me. It'll be... Continue Reading →

What’s this all about, then?

First steps are always the hardest, so knowing what to write for the first post of the blog caused me to scratch my head. What could I possibly tell you that would catch your attention long enough? - I could give an introduction to myself and my artwork, but you can see all that on... Continue Reading →


Hi Gang, I don't often put written posts with my daily doodles, but because this one looks a little different I thought I would say something about it. Hope you don't mind! I didn't take that much away from my days at University studying Illustration - mostly because I was pursuing an art direction that... Continue Reading →

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