Collaboration – ZoelNoOne – No Glow

This is of my collaborative efforts with ZoelNoOne. Though, to give credit where it is due, they did most of the work on it! It was a fair while ago, I showed them a sketch of No Glow via Discord and they loved it and expressed a desire to collaborate together and finish it off.Continue reading “Collaboration – ZoelNoOne – No Glow”

No Glow – KasugaBee

A part of this blog idea was to ‘show off’ the commissions that I have had or get done of my personal characters. I don’t get many done these days but sometimes I see a YCH pose or image that I think would be perfect for one of my characters. As was the case withContinue reading “No Glow – KasugaBee”

Vida – NSFW Commission

Commission for an email client. This one was a lot of fun to work on as there was a lot of back and forth, working out various details and such with the client. I was really glad for this commission cause it pushed me to draw more adult anatomy on a picture – something thatContinue reading “Vida – NSFW Commission”