Anthropomorphic Update

I realize that I’ve not been updating as much as I have previously – not for any particular reason other than the feeling that I’ve not had anything overly relevant to say. A lot of the focus of this blog has turned towards the Warhammer/Wargaming side of my interests – and I then get concernedContinue reading “Anthropomorphic Update”

Obligatory Introduction Post

Hello world. My name is Jenn and I draw furry art. I’ve been drawing anthropomorphic artwork since 2003, when a website called VCL was still up and running; and was one of the few dedicated furry art archives around. I was introduced to furry artwork and VCL by an online friend called Sy. I createdContinue reading “Obligatory Introduction Post”

Can’t beat a classic

I always used to draw and colour Jenn in pink and black gothic-y stuff way back when I first made her. It was great to be able to return to the look and feel, here. I’m intending to write a more ‘in-depth’ post about her soon, because I really enjoy this character/fursona and I’m lookingContinue reading “Can’t beat a classic”

Jenn Goth

It’s been a while since I drew a new picture of Jenn, so here she is in all her cheesy, Gothy glory! I swear Jenn, you’re too brightly coloured to be a ‘real’ goth! Maybe I should give her an ‘alternative’ colour palette in one picture all, red and black and proper goth!! Honestly though,Continue reading “Jenn Goth”

First Date: Ubercorn

  Date Report Card Name of Date: Ubercorn Date Location: Jet Pad Date Activities: Netflix and Chill; we ate pizza and listened to music; somehow I don’t think Ubercorn approved of my tastes. Date Pros: Kind, Caring, Confident, Funny. Date Cons: Long distance relationship, wildly different tastes (He wanted peppers on the pizza, ew) hisContinue reading “First Date: Ubercorn”