If you gotta go, go, gotta go motorbike ridin’

Motorbikin' I was given this amazing model by Heretic Deb for Christmas and I made it my mission to paint it by the end of the year. I spent the first half of the year scared that I'd mess it up and not be able to do it's gloriousness justice! Then I got over that... Continue Reading →

As a break from Orcs… I present an Orc.

A bit of a break from Orcs in terms of reading trashy Orc Smut novels, that has to count for something, right? I had a nice long day off where the Kiddo was having a Grandma sleepover, Eloth was away with work and I was free to roam! So, I did a rare bit of... Continue Reading →

Titus, The Disgraced and the Glory Seekers

Lord Commander Eloth managed to twist my arm and get me into playing GodTear. Thus, painting GodTear! We had a Kiddo free couple of days while he was having a sleepover at his Grandma's so miniature painting was achieved! I'd finished Titus sometime earlier this year but his followers have been in some sort of... Continue Reading →

Godtear – Skullbreaker

Skullbreaker is the newest released champion for GodTear, by Stormforged Games, and as such, I really wanted to get in there quick and finish painting him early doors! It also helps that I had a really strong idea of how I wanted to direct his paint scheme... plus he is an Orc with a really... Continue Reading →

Skullbreaker – WIP & Other Godtear WIPs

Seeing as it's all Godtear ago-go in the house at the moment, I thought I'd take some of my time today to do some painting of various models. Skullbreaker Skullbreaker is the newest GodTear Champion - I pre-ordered him and he was delivered on Friday, I've played a couple of games with him. He hit's... Continue Reading →

Godtear – Blackjaw

I had the hobby model painting itch earlier in the week and because Godtear has been the go-to game in the house lately, I thought I'd paint up another one of the Champions I use. Blackjaw. An Orc. Good at hitting minions. My playstyle is somewhat aggressive and generally based on killing things... As with... Continue Reading →

Godtear – Titus

When I posted the WIP shots of the model and discussed the base, I mentioned snow bases... I went in completely the opposite direction and went for something wasteland-esque. Purely because I have done snow/tundra bases before and I wanted to try something new. I think everything else about the Godtear models was said in... Continue Reading →

Hobby Summary 2021

2021 is almost over! Let's have a quick look back over the painting achievements, shall we? In direct comparison to last year, things on the hobby front are looking better. At a quick glance, this year I have mostly been painting Space Marines! They've made up a fair chunk of this years painting achievements -... Continue Reading →

Godtear – Titus – WIP

First and foremost, I hope that everyone had a lovely Christmas Holiday and that all my readers dreams came true - or at the very least you added more to your reading lists and/or hobby piles!! This evening Lord Commander Eloth was recording the second Banner Brothers Podcast episode and as such, I snuck in... Continue Reading →

Monthly Wrap-Up – Oct 2021

October feels like it has been a bust! I've certainly not felt as productive as the previous month, but this is the problem with being self critical over productivity. Nothing ever feels like it's enough! Book Reviews Considering I said I wanted to read more books this month... I didn't do so well. Amok -... Continue Reading →

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