The Retinue Begins

I finished the first model for my Inquisitorial Retinue this week - and ticked a model from the backlog. These models are a rather fun to paint. I don't want them all to look uniform or like an army, more a bunch of people pushed together in the name of the Emperor! This is the... Continue Reading →

Inquisitorial Scribe

Way back when, Lord Commander Eloth, Thunderkarn and I embarked on an epic quest to create our own Inquisitors and their retinue. The challenge was to make the characters out of bits that we either had or could find. Lord Commander Eloth finished his an aeon ago, I am unsure about Thunderkarn and I am... Continue Reading →

Inquisitor: The Game

Lord Commander Eloth and I are working on our own game system for the Inquisitor gangs that we created recently (ish) - taking the models we converted/kit-bashed and giving them WYSIWYG rules; which is a real hodge-bodge considering the weaponry, gear and what-not we gave them! The idea of the game is to have small... Continue Reading →

Dragon Age.

Just you know, some updates on my thoughts of Dragon Age: Inquisition. I've still not managed to blast my way through to the end yet, so it's nothing final or anything. At first I found the whole thing rather exciting. Then I met most of the companions and none of them really clicked with me... Continue Reading →

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