Yet more Shooks

I can see so many things wrong with this, but isn’t that the nature of uploading art to the internet? Always seeing things too late? Just means I can redraw it again in a few months time or so! It’s some more Shooks, because he is still infecting my headspace. Without his previous Ray Bans... Continue Reading →

Shooks – Bust

I'm not going to lie, I find characters wearing glasses tricky! I think it's because of the lack of personality; there's no eyes and no expression on them so I don't know, this picture looks that dull to me. It's a shame, cause I really do like this character and I really want to draw... Continue Reading →


This post is a bit of a return to the 'roots' of my blog - where I was really just Fangirling and enthusing about various fictional characters that had captured my attention at that (or some other) point in my life. I was asked a question anonymously over on my CuriousCat about what weird characters... Continue Reading →

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