Scout Bike

I don't share enough of my own models on here - mostly because I don't really see them as being great subjects for photography; my painting skills certainly aren't up to the same standards as my peers so I much prefer taking photographs of their models - but sometimes you just see a model and... Continue Reading →


Image wise, this might be a bit of a dull post to look at - sorry for that. After my blunder with not remembering which way round fstops worked and how they effected Depth of Field I wanted to have a little experiment. Setting my Canon Eos 20D to aperture priority I set about gradually... Continue Reading →

A treat for the eyes

I wasn't completely happy with how the photographs in my previous post turned out. Especially the ones of a certain Khorne Warrior Banner Bearer. I don't feel I ever captured him properly. He is a very impressive model and I certainly didn't feel I did him justice. I still don't feel like I have done... Continue Reading →

First steps – Acrylic Painting on Canvas

I mentioned in my first post that I checked a book out from the library - Abstract Art: Techniques and Textures - well, I managed to find a little bit of time this week to give one of the 'lessons' a go. I think a big part of this journey for me is finding something that... Continue Reading →

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