Chapter Master – Templars of Righteousness

I keep finding myself models that I'll have 'to go back' too and revisit because I'm not happy with how they come out the first time. Again, it was that dreaded, depth of field that I kept getting 'wrong' with this model. Maybe I was a little too ambitious too soon with my plans for... Continue Reading →

Chapter Master

This is my home-brew Space Marine chapters (Blood Guard) Chapter Master model. And I cheated my hind legs off to get this photograph looking right! This is the overall feel I would like to achieve for my photographs, but I managed to get this looking right thanks to using Photoshop and merging two photographs together... Continue Reading →

Scout Bike

I don't share enough of my own models on here - mostly because I don't really see them as being great subjects for photography; my painting skills certainly aren't up to the same standards as my peers so I much prefer taking photographs of their models - but sometimes you just see a model and... Continue Reading →

The Journey Starts Again

Hello everyone. It was completely by chance that this whole journey started; the annual summer visit by Debbie Forster, had her bringing some of her Games Workshop miniatures over to my house for a game of Warhammer 40k. I'd been urging her to get some better photographs of them done because her painting skills far... Continue Reading →

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