Godtear – Blackjaw

I had the hobby model painting itch earlier in the week and because Godtear has been the go-to game in the house lately, I thought I'd paint up another one of the Champions I use. Blackjaw. An Orc. Good at hitting minions. My playstyle is somewhat aggressive and generally based on killing things... As with... Continue Reading →

Daily Challenge #2 – Larger model

These challenges are so much daily updates, but more an as and when I get round to them! Honestly, anything to keep the hobby going and working on different things is all good to me. I’ve had this Ironclad Dreadnought on the go for a while now and figured doing some work on it wouldn’t... Continue Reading →

Casualties of War

At some point during this week, we were having a little sort out of the garage - looking for something model related - and several boxes were being passed from my husband (on the top of a ladder) to my son, who then passed the boxes to me. Unfortunately, my son dropped the contents of... Continue Reading →

Fangirl Feature – Pandora’s Bits Box

This weeks Fangirl Feature is from Pandora's Bits Box Hobby showcase! Share with us: Your favourite images What games/systems are you most interested in/do you collect? I started collecting Warhammer Fantasy (two armies) when I was about 11, maybe until I was like 17ish, but I don't know what happened to my armies, lost to... Continue Reading →


I've been trying to pick up the remnant of my hobby life; without getting all upset with myself over the minor details like; I'm not working on my Space Marines or, I'm not writing one of my many stories. Instead, I am trying to celebrate the things that I am doing. For instance; I am... Continue Reading →

Let us spray

Finally!! Some decent weather for spraying! I've only been waiting all year for it! Living in the grim North has it's drawbacks. Mostly it being grim, rainy and/or snowy and windy! But today, we had some relatively decent weather so I was able to get out there and spray some models. Means that when I... Continue Reading →

Getting closer

Please forgive me while I shed a bit of a tear over this one. This is the last tactical squad I am ever going to glue together (For the time being at least, but I don't foresee my starting another Battle Company in a hurry) It's one of Games Workshops older kits; but I was... Continue Reading →

Let’s get Tactical – Update

One down, one to go! I honestly can't believe that I've only got one more Tactical Squad to get stuck together. It's an older kit, so I am not looking forward to it as much as I have been the other additions to the Battle Company. After that, it'll be a heap of Biker dudes... Continue Reading →

Let’s get Tactical

A little bit of progress made last night on my 4th Tactical Squad - this is the newer kit that I've put together, mostly because I am still feeling a bit of dread when it comes to the other kit I have; flashbacks to terrible arms and bolt-guns. But, it'll get done. I've got the... Continue Reading →

Eldar Sketchbook

Today was the local Games Workshops Store Birthday, which is always a fun treat. Usually featuring a heap of cake and fun games for those that want to be involved. Earlier this week they announced something that really piqued my interest. They had some Eldar Sketchbooks on offer. A limited edition art book (which I... Continue Reading →

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