Monthly Wrap up – March 2022

Another month is done and a quarter of the way through the year already! So, what did I read this month? Let's have a look back and see, shall we? The Grownup - Gillian Flynn ★★★ From the same author as Gone Girl, this was a quick read grabbed from the library. It was a... Continue Reading →

Monthly Wrap Up – Feb 2022

It feels like the months are flying by and I'm falling behind more and more. I didn't even think about this post until I realized it was Pancake Day! As with last month, I am behind with reviews and have a few outstanding, but at least I have been reading... a bit. Snapshot - Josie... Continue Reading →

Monthly Wrap up – Jan 2022

Where, exactly, did that month go? I still have two outstanding reviews to write. I am planning to get my fingers flowing throughout the day, so fingers crossed it'll go okay and I won't feel so guilty for leaving reviews hanging! The War of Powers - Robert E Vardeman & Victor Milan ★★ A classic fantasy... Continue Reading →

Monthly Wrap Up – Nov 2021

Killer Chef - James Patterson ★★★★ Killer Chef is an entertaining enough read, light-hearted enough to be enjoyable, with a more serious undertone of a classic whodunit. As the book reached its conclusion the misdirections added another element of tension adds to the already fast-paced short story. A good little ‘filler’ book to get the book... Continue Reading →

Monthly Wrap-Up – Oct 2021

October feels like it has been a bust! I've certainly not felt as productive as the previous month, but this is the problem with being self critical over productivity. Nothing ever feels like it's enough! Book Reviews Considering I said I wanted to read more books this month... I didn't do so well. Amok -... Continue Reading →

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