Caw(daw) Blimey!

Whole enthusiasm for doing anything Necromunda related has died an untimely death thanks to Necromunda: Underhive Wars being a complete pile of disappointing turd, I did manage to get the leader of my Cawdor gang finished. I think on of my hobby-goals for 2021 should be: Paint Less Red. Most (read all) of my armies... Continue Reading →

Necromunda Champion

Last week I gave myself a day to get some hobbying done - the time for it seems to be getting shorter and shorter so fitting it in has been difficult - but such it the nature of life. I am pleased I was able to translate the colour scheme to a Forge World model... Continue Reading →

Commission: Jotunn Servitor

This interesting looking chap came about via a commission from Daemon_Hammer, who always asks me for the most interesting and challenging things. He sent me a picture of a converted model and asked if I would be able to draw a bust for him, but we quickly decided that it would be a tragic waste... Continue Reading →


It's been a little while since I shared some hobby on here. Mostly because I've not done anything to share. Hopefully, that will change here on out again! Due to the release of Necromunda: Underhive Wars, I've been a bit more enthusiastic to paint some of my Necromunda gang. Sadly, the video game didn't quite... Continue Reading →

Commission: Necromunda Gang

A group bust picture of several Necromunda Gangs all together. A handful of Eschers, A Goliath and an Orlock. What could possibly go wrong!? These are commissions for Cliffe_G, Blood_Medusa, Wilson Man, Wulfhildr and Bradalads If you're interested in a bust like this please visit my commissions page.Alternatively, you can support me on Patreon~

Daily Challenge #1 – Neglected Model

When it comes to neglected models, they don't get much more neglected than this one! This series of challenges comes from Deb over at Black Hand Marines. Who started these challenges via Twitter. I've been been in a bit of a hobby funk for a while (And did pretty much nothing for the entirety of... Continue Reading →

Necromunda Monday – Part 1

Fight type: Gang Fight Campaign Fight #: 1 Gang types: Orlocks vs Goliaths Gangs The Expendables (1283) The Kings Men (1251) This is a write up of the first gang clash, played on 10th July 2016 between The Expendables and The Kings Men.  The first fight in the campaign so it seemed the best thing... Continue Reading →

Weekly Necromunda Report, Part 1 – Introductions

Here we go again! I think it has been rather shameful that I made my Necromunda Gang back in 2011 and have only ever done one half-baked campaign with it. So after very little arm twisting a new campaign has begun. The gang that I am using is a collection of models I have botched... Continue Reading →

Weekly Necromunda Report: 5

I cannot put this any other way. This game of necromunda sucked. Nothing of import happened. The Kings Men got their juve back, no guns were fired, no knives were drawn. No explosions. You don't know how unhappy that makes me NO EXPLOSIONS!! It just cannot be done in an action film environment. To make... Continue Reading →

Weekly Necromunda Report: 4

Although this game happened right after the first fight, I thought I would save posting about it until now. It was the second clash of The Expendables and The Kings Men. Strange battle this one, but another victory for The Expendables, but at something of a cost. John McClane was savagely wounded after going two... Continue Reading →

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