Noctis Warden Redraw

I fancied challenging myself with a Warhammer related redraw. Sometimes it's easy to lose sight of where you have come from in regards to art. That the progress you're making is minimal and that maybe you're not improving of 'getting anywhere' I've been dipping into those moods lately so thought a redraw will give me... Continue Reading →

Commission – Noctis Librarian

Another commission for the lovely guys over at Fishy Wargaming These commissions have been great fun, drawing real people as Space Marines was something that I'd not really thought about before so to be able to do these has been a real treat! And if you're interested in commissioning me then please don't hesitate to... Continue Reading →

Techmarine Commission

I am really grateful for the Space Marine commissions lately, they're really helped me to find my mojo again when it comes to both Warhammer art and drawing in general - to the point where I have a personal Warhammer related project that I am reigniting that I am really excited about! Anyway, this particular... Continue Reading →

Noctis Warden

For more information about this particular chapter head on over to Fishy Wargaming the owners of the Noctis Wardens. I always enjoy drawing Space Marines cause they always provide such an interesting challenge - so if you want to throw one at me then please do as I love hearing your suggestions for these guys.  ... Continue Reading →

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