[Parrvolis] Introduction – Part 1

A while back, I started doing some writing. At first, I was putting the drabbles, short stories and prompts onto a Wattpad account. I soon realised that I was missing out on sharing things with my main audience here, so I thought I'd correct that and share them here too. Before this, however, I felt... Continue Reading →

Nihilius Tybalt Portrait

I wanted to make a quick portrait of my Dark Heresy Psyker - it's been a while since we played any Dark Heresy, but it's the one resource on my blog that keeps the punters coming back, so I thought I should do a little something for it. That and the whiff on the air... Continue Reading →

Cosplay Series #2: ???

The second in the cosplay series that I am doing with my main OC; Jenn. Although, I don'y actually know who or what she is cosplaying as here. I was sent this picture by aikon359 via discord:  and thought it was really cool so went ahead with it! Credit goes here, For the dress concept. I also wanted... Continue Reading →

My own biggest fan – Devon

I mentioned starting this series a little while ago now, but deliberated on who to start with or how I would write them. Then I figured, I'd just do them in 'aphabetical' order according to my Toyhou.se account! Devon started off as a redesign for Kizmit; but she didn't really click with me in the... Continue Reading →

Are you a ghost, or are you alive?

A Kiz Ghost appears, like something out of your deepest fears!! -- Kiz, for the Casper fandom. It's not really something I had overly considered before, but because I like playing and drawing with/for my friends, I figured why not. I'd been meaning to do this for a while, mostly because of horrorlandcop74 and her OC, Betty.... Continue Reading →

I’m out of Zydrate

I'm not really one for the whole 'adoptable' scene within the art community. I always feel it's best to create your own characters so that you can get a good connection going with them. There are always exceptions to this of course, and when a friend of mine was selling off some of her characters... Continue Reading →

Kiz ‘The Walking Dead’ Sinistral – Bio

Name: Kiz Sinistral Pronunciation: Obvious Nickname(s): Boom Bitch Public Nickname(s): None Race: Human Affiliations: Herself, Rick and his group. Alignment: Chaotic Neutral with Lawful leanings Face Claim: Victoria Beckham Voice: Non descriptive Singing Voice: Out of tune Occupation: Special Tactics Operative - Explosive Age: 27 Apparent Age: Accurate Date of Birth: March 15th Sex: Female... Continue Reading →

Character Bio – Grim

I'd like to add a new series of posts to the site; I've a lot of characters that are a bit... under developed and I think writing them bios and such on here would help. Name: Jonathan Hawker Pronunciation: Obvious Nickname(s): Grim / Grin Public Nickname(s): Grim Race: Human Affiliations: Astra Militarum Alignment: Chaotic Neutral... Continue Reading →

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