A gift to add on to your pain and suffering

A collaboration between myself and ZoelNoOne Ever since I drew Torquemada flaunting his flesh a few months back this image, this reconfiguration of him, has been stuck in my head. The Goddess that he worships is none-to-fond on banal pleasures of the flesh, so when she caught onto the fact her High-Bailiff was debasing himself to... Continue Reading →

Ethan Russo – Concept and creation

I've been working a bit more on Ethan Russo, a character from my Sea of Souls project. It was this character that started off the whole thing as it was him that (oh so cliche) came to me in a dream - with his portal nightmare in tow. It's taken me a while to work... Continue Reading →

Guest Art – Thiccs

A part of keeping myself inspired by personal projects and things has always been being able to get commissions from other people. So, when I got back into Sea of Souls, I thought I’d buy a picture or two of some of the cast - most of the people I know on art sites are... Continue Reading →

I know that face… sorta.

I wasn't planning on updating the blog today, but the husband took the son for a walk out so I could do some drawing and this lovely lady turned up. I've not visited her in a long time. For those of you that don't recognise her it's Skaejre. She was once going to be part... Continue Reading →

Who wouldn’t love that face?

Artwork by ZombieCat Sadly, I don't get to spend as much money on commissions now as I used to. Mostly due to quitting my job and not having the income to do so. But sometimes someone offers their services and you just can't resist! I've always wanted to see how The-Zombie-Cat would tackle Nathaniels face.... Continue Reading →

We kill everything.

Been a very long time since I did anything hobby related on the blog, not sure what inspired it recently either. I would like to say that it was inspired by the recent designing of another character - my Psyker from Dark Heresy, but I'm not so certain. I think it had a hand in... Continue Reading →

An old project reborn?

I don't know if you'll see the image properly. Honestly, it's a pretty bad scan in the first place; but I thought it was the perfect starting point for explaining the idea behind Sea of Souls (Name is a placeholder) - I may need a cup of tea for this one, bare with me. --... Continue Reading →


Sabastian is an ooooldish character of mine. He originated from a story that I was going to write. In my head I played out the story and generally lost interest in ever actually writing it - even though it would have been awesome, trust me - I had a dream the other night about the... Continue Reading →

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