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I am currently away on holiday, so rather than trying to guess what's coming up on the Reading List and knowing what I'm currently reading ahead of time... I thought I'd share some recent photographs of book-related things I've managed to snap. I'd very much like to take some more still-life pictures of the books... Continue Reading →

Photo: Haslingden Quarry

Something lately has re-sparked the fascination with photography. I'm not entirely sure where it came from, either. Photography has long been one of those things that have been picked up, tried, put down, picked up again and I've felt mostly aimless with but it's always been there. Lingering in the back of my mind as... Continue Reading →

IR: Rossendale Way

I'm not 100% sure if the name of the location for these photographs is correct, but I kept seeing signposts with this route marked out while walking, so I figured it'd fit! These were taken while out on a family walk near the three reservoirs in the area. Much fun was had by all, but... Continue Reading →

IR: Mablethorpe

Having been away from home for the past week, I took the chance to take a few pictures with the Infrared camera - I didn't snap as much as I thought, because we were so busy doing other things - like playing on the beach, going to the circus, carbooting, geocaching and spending all my... Continue Reading →

Infrared: Clarence Park & Chesham Woods

Another adventure with the Infrared Camera. This time to Clarence Park and Chesham Woods - a park local to where we live. These were taken in the evening in vibrant evening light, but the ones in the woods weren't as successful, purely because woods are darker than full-bright light that Infrared Photography benefits from the... Continue Reading →

IR & B&W Side by Side

Rather than just write brief, somewhat condescending sounding comments to Bookstooge about Infrared and Black and White, I thought making a Side by Side comparison of the two (as suggested) would be a better way to show the difference between the two sorts of photography. These aren't the most spectacular photographs ever; I was walking... Continue Reading →

Infrared: Heaton Park

Off on another adventure today, this time to Heaton Park - where we explored, fed squirrels and spent two hours on a bouncy-castle! All the while, I had the Infrared camera in tow again and took a few more pictures with it. I'm really starting to get a taste for this style of photography and... Continue Reading →

Infrared – 3

We went on a nice family walk to the Smithills Estate, owned by the Woodland Trust, this weekend. I've been intending to pick up the camera again for a while but somehow never really got round to it. I was going to take my Nikon, but because it has been in the cupboard for so... Continue Reading →


I've fallen off the hobby wagon a bit as of late; this being the only unit that I've been able to finish in the past week or so. These models are a lot daintier than my usual assortment of Space Marines, Bloodletters and Juggernaughts so they were rather challenging in their own right for that... Continue Reading →

InfraRed – Part 2

This is a quick follow-up post to this blog entry I spent a nice week away from the internet recently, which staying with my parents in Sutton on Sea; to ensure that I wasn't bored without the internet I took both my cameras with me - the Infrared Canon Powershot A630 and my Nikon D3400.... Continue Reading →

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