Assault Intercessors – Final Four

I managed to finish off the final four Assault Intercessors for my Space Marine Home Brew Chapter today. I am rather pleased to see the back of these guys, I feel like they have been hanging over me for a very long time! It’s probably not as long as it feels, but phew, am IContinue reading “Assault Intercessors – Final Four”

Commission – Primaris Silver Skull

This commission is somewhat special – it’s the first one that came through via my commissions page here on the blog/website. All my other commissions have come through via social media or other websites, so to have something be generated via the site fills me with hope that I don’t actually need to be onContinue reading “Commission – Primaris Silver Skull”

A little more serious

After yesterdays post I felt like I should update today sharing my more serious thoughts on how I am going to paint the new Primaris Marines from Shadowspear. I know these are all variations of the same colours, but it’s deciding what would look right with a camo-style cloak on the models that have someContinue reading “A little more serious”

Searching for a new paint scheme

I’ve a copy of the Shadowspear boxed set on order – mostly because I wanted to paint up some more Primaris Space Marines, but don’t wish to have any more in my current Space Marine Chapter. I have been a bit unsure on how to paint them though – there are so many options. DoContinue reading “Searching for a new paint scheme”

A load more WIPs

Some more WIP images to share today.I have finished some of the ones from the previous WIP post aside from basing so I don’t feel too guilty for having started more models! I feel like I have been neglecting my Space Marines lately, so I started a couple of heroes. Firstly, my Primaris Librarian; evenContinue reading “A load more WIPs”

The final few

I bit the bullet today and brought the last two pieces for my Battle Company. I know I said I wasn’t going too, but I thought, ‘You know what, it’d be an amazing milestone to be able to get the last few in the house and ready to join the rest of the guys.’ IContinue reading “The final few”