Assault Intercessors – Final Four

I managed to finish off the final four Assault Intercessors for my Space Marine Home Brew Chapter today. I am rather pleased to see the back of these guys, I feel like they have been hanging over me for a very long time! It's probably not as long as it feels, but phew, am I... Continue Reading →

Commission – Primaris Silver Skull

This commission is somewhat special - it's the first one that came through via my commissions page here on the blog/website. All my other commissions have come through via social media or other websites, so to have something be generated via the site fills me with hope that I don't actually need to be on... Continue Reading →

A little more serious

After yesterdays post I felt like I should update today sharing my more serious thoughts on how I am going to paint the new Primaris Marines from Shadowspear. I know these are all variations of the same colours, but it's deciding what would look right with a camo-style cloak on the models that have some... Continue Reading →

Searching for a new paint scheme

I've a copy of the Shadowspear boxed set on order - mostly because I wanted to paint up some more Primaris Space Marines, but don't wish to have any more in my current Space Marine Chapter. I have been a bit unsure on how to paint them though - there are so many options. Do... Continue Reading →

A load more WIPs

Some more WIP images to share today.I have finished some of the ones from the previous WIP post aside from basing so I don't feel too guilty for having started more models! Praeximus Nulis I feel like I have been neglecting my Space Marines lately, so I started a couple of heroes. Firstly, my Primaris... Continue Reading →

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