Sacrilege – Barbara Avon

Title: SacrilegeAuthor: Barbara AvonPublished by: Independently PublishedPublication date: 26th Oct 2020Genre: Psychological FictionPages: 115Format: eBookSource: Personal Collection Buy the Book – Amazon Buy the Book – Kindle Blurb/Synopsis Wayward priest Cris Corelli rids himself of the sacred collar and leaves town, boarding the midnight train with no destination in mind. Satan is following him – lurking in the shadows. CorelliContinue reading “Sacrilege – Barbara Avon”

Dead Wrong – Helen H Durrant

Title: Dead WrongAuthor: Helen H. DurrantPublished by: Joffe BooksPublication date: 3rd July 2015Genre: Crime/ThrillerPages: 206Format: PaperbackSource: Private Collection Buy the Book – Amazon Buy the Book – Kindle Blurb/Synopsis First a shooting, then a grisly discovery on the common . . . Police partners, D.I. Calladine and D.S. Ruth Bayliss race against time to track down a killer before the wholeContinue reading “Dead Wrong – Helen H Durrant”

Runaway Train – Lee Matthew Goldburg

Title: Runaway TrainAuthor: Lee Matthew GoldburgPublished by: Wise WolfPublication date: 29th April 2021Genre: Young Adult/Coming of AgePages: 296Format: eBookSource: Author Buy the Book – Amazon Buy the Book – Kindle Blurb/Synopsis They told me I was an out-of-control train about to crash… Everything changed when the police officer knocked on the door to tell me – a 16-year-old –Continue reading “Runaway Train – Lee Matthew Goldburg”

Age of Darkness – Christian Dunn

Title: Age of DarknessAuthor: Various Authors/Short Story AnthologyPublished by: Black LibraryPublication date: 16th April 2011Genre: Science Fiction/WarPages: 426Format: PaperbackSource: Personal Collection Buy the Book – Amazon Buy the Book – Kindle Blurb/Synopsis After the betrayal at Isstvan, Horus begins his campaign against the Emperor, a galaxy-wide war that can lead only to Terra. But the road to the final confrontationContinue reading “Age of Darkness – Christian Dunn”

Darkest: The Marines are coming – Paul L Arvidson

Title: Darkest: The Marines are comingAuthor: Paul L ArvidsonPublished by: Independently PublshedPublication date: 28th May 2021Genre: Science-Fiction/WarPages: 283Format: eBookSource: Author Buy the Book – Amazon Buy the Book – Kindle Blurb/Synopsis The marines are coming. A strange ship carries His Majesty’s navy and a young girl on a rescue mission to the planet known as Dark. A young pup whoContinue reading “Darkest: The Marines are coming – Paul L Arvidson”

The Minders – John Marrs

Title: The MindersAuthor: John MarrsPublished by: Del ReyPublication date: 17th Sept 2020Genre: ThrillerPages: 448Format: PaperbackSource: Publisher Buy the Book – Amazon Buy the Book – Kindle Blurb/Synopsis In the 21st century, information is king. But computers can be hacked and files can be broken into – so a unique government initiative has been born. Five ordinary people have beenContinue reading “The Minders – John Marrs”

The Whole Truth – Cara Hunter

Title: The Whole TruthAuthor: Cara HunterPublished by: Penguin – Fig TreePublication date: 21st Fed 2021Genre: Mystery/ThrillerPages: 416Format: eBookSource: NetGalley Buy the Book – Amazon Blurb/Synopsis She has everything at stake; he has everything to lose. But one of them is lying, all the same. When an Oxford student accuses one of the university’s professors of sexual assault, DI AdamContinue reading “The Whole Truth – Cara Hunter”

The Wolf and the Water – Josie Jaffrey

Title: The Wolf and the WaterAuthor: Josie JaffreyPublished by: Silver Sun BooksPublication date: 8th Oct 2020Genre: Teen and Young AdultPages: 248Format: PaperbackSource: ARC from Author Buy the Book – Amazon Buy the Book – Kobo Blurb/Synopsis The ancient city of Kepos sits in an isolated valley, cut off from the outside world by a towering wall. Behind it, theContinue reading “The Wolf and the Water – Josie Jaffrey”

Babylon 5: Dark Genesis – The Birth of the Psi-Corps – Gregory Keyes

Title: Babylon 5: Dark Genesis – The Birth of the Psi-CorpsAuthor: Gregory KeyesPublished by: Del Rey BooksPublication date: 29th Aug. 1998Genre: Science FictionPages: 288Format: PaperbackSource: Private Collection Buy the Book – Amazon Blurb/Synopsis Long before the Babylon 5 space station brought Humans face-to-facewith alien races, they discovered an extraordinary breed among their very own . . . The yearContinue reading “Babylon 5: Dark Genesis – The Birth of the Psi-Corps – Gregory Keyes”

Involuntary Admissions – D. R Markham

Title: Involuntary AdmissionsAuthor: D. R MarkhamPublished by: Independently publishedPublication date: 18th Jan 2019Genre: ThrillerPages: 319Format: eBookSource: Author/Amazon Buy the Book – Amazon Synopsis/Blurb Fifteen-year-old Kendra Sibley is suicidal. Her frantic mother, Helen admits her to a posh psychiatric hospital near Philadelphia. They both quickly discover that instead of getting her the help she needs, they have placed her inContinue reading “Involuntary Admissions – D. R Markham”