Darkest: The Marines are coming – Paul L Arvidson

Title: Darkest: The Marines are comingAuthor: Paul L ArvidsonPublished by: Independently PublshedPublication date: 28th May 2021Genre: Science-Fiction/WarPages: 283Format: eBookSource: Author Buy the Book - Amazon Buy the Book - Kindle Blurb/Synopsis The marines are coming. A strange ship carries His Majesty‚Äôs navy and a young girl on a rescue mission to the planet known as Dark. A young pup who... Continue Reading →

It’s all getting a bit Sci-Fi in here

I found an absolute gem of a bad idea the other day while searching google. It was a synopsis of Rambo 5 and it was all Sci-Fi - a bit like Predator is. I need this film in my life! Because I've been playing No Mans Sky and watched Guardians of the Galaxy the other night,... Continue Reading →

Getting closer

Please forgive me while I shed a bit of a tear over this one. This is the last tactical squad I am ever going to glue together (For the time being at least, but I don't foresee my starting another Battle Company in a hurry) It's one of Games Workshops older kits; but I was... Continue Reading →

Who wouldn’t love that face?

Artwork by ZombieCat Sadly, I don't get to spend as much money on commissions now as I used to. Mostly due to quitting my job and not having the income to do so. But sometimes someone offers their services and you just can't resist! I've always wanted to see how The-Zombie-Cat would tackle Nathaniels face.... Continue Reading →

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