Templar Sketches – Week 2

Sharing my sketches from the past week. Some of these chaps might look familiar compared to last weeks sketches, which is pretty interesting in a way. I had no intention of making any of them repeating characters, nor give them any sort of story but that seems to be happening organically, anyway. It is giving... Continue Reading →

Templar Sketch Dump

After all the lovely positive thoughts and comments on my last sketch share, I've drawn a Templar themed image every day. They're loose, fun and keep me out of mischief for a few minutes. If I keep this up - which I hope too - I'll be sharing these as I have a few done... Continue Reading →

Knight Sketch!?

The last time I drew anything was almost 4 months ago. I've had absolutely no inclination to draw. No impulse to pick up the pencil and get cracking again, but somehow, that is exactly what I ended up doing this morning. I don't quite know how I feel about it either. Not the picture in... Continue Reading →

WIP – Devon Archer/Ranger

Please excuse the photograph quality, used my little camera for this rather than dig out the monster of a scanner! I've embarked on the fantasy series for my main characters, starting with Devon as an Archer/Ranger type class. I figured I rarely share my rough sketches on here and would like to start forming good... Continue Reading →

SC Trailblazer – Teaser Post

Heretic Deb and I are working on a creative project together and we're both really excited about it, I can tell you! I said to her the other day that I felt like I needed a creative project to get my teeth into and these sketches are just the start of what we're cooking up.... Continue Reading →

Art Dump!

SkaejreLets Cyber - Serenity There has been a rather huge dip in my blogs traffic since I took the anthropomorphic artwork off the blog. I figure that's a bad thing so I'll be sharing it all on here again - it's what I do when I don't have any commissions to draw and I am... Continue Reading →

James Lazarus

It's been a while since I shared some personal work with everyone on my blog, so here we go. I found these sketches while I was having a bit of a sort out earlier and recall them being for my long dead project BulletFuck - I've recently been working on my confidence when it comes... Continue Reading →

Jorah Mormont Fan Art

In a further attempt to move away from the 'whole furry thing' that I have mostly been known for I am drawing characters of a different persuasion. It's no secret that I like drawing Knights, armour and that sort of thing but have been heavily tainted by drawing Pin-up style art for the past billion... Continue Reading →

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