Some self reflection

I took a step back from the internet - I've always had some sort of presence on social media - when my Husband finished work for the Christmas break on the 15th of December. I was using some websites pretty avidly in the month or so before this date and honestly, I was feeling like... Continue Reading →

Why do I/You paint?

Why do I paint? I've often asked myself this. Why do I create paintings, drawings and write? It's mostly addiction. Not to the process of creating itself, because I personally have taken breaks from the creative process before. But addicted to that strange and often horrible feeling afterwards. That feeling of euphoria that you've created... Continue Reading →

Teasing composition

I've been doing a little bit of playing about with some painting planning again today. It did involve drawing out some more fish. As I wasn't entirely happy with what I had come up with before, only just hitting the mark with the last one. Besides, it's always a pleasure to play about with designs... Continue Reading →

Further Progress

I started some of these images last week, but only really got round to posting them today - mostly due to the feeling of a stressful and upsetting weekend thanks to my jaw playing up. We've more or less come to the conclusion that the jaw is due to stress, worry and anxiety anyway over... Continue Reading →

Having a spot of bother

I've been upstairs twice this week - onto the top floor of my house and into my studio space. I haven't been using it lately, but since writing this blog I've actually had the desire to create something... anything! But the top floor has become a bit of a dumping ground for things gathered as... Continue Reading →

The new start

I am currently standing at the forefront of the biggest change in my life. I am six weeks away from giving birth (Roughly, as we can never really predict these things exactly) to my first child. I am in a stable and very loving relationship with my husband - we've been together for nearly 9... Continue Reading →

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