Titus, The Disgraced and the Glory Seekers

Lord Commander Eloth managed to twist my arm and get me into playing GodTear. Thus, painting GodTear! We had a Kiddo free couple of days while he was having a sleepover at his Grandma's so miniature painting was achieved! I'd finished Titus sometime earlier this year but his followers have been in some sort of... Continue Reading →

Godtear – Titus

When I posted the WIP shots of the model and discussed the base, I mentioned snow bases... I went in completely the opposite direction and went for something wasteland-esque. Purely because I have done snow/tundra bases before and I wanted to try something new. I think everything else about the Godtear models was said in... Continue Reading →

Godtear – Titus – WIP

First and foremost, I hope that everyone had a lovely Christmas Holiday and that all my readers dreams came true - or at the very least you added more to your reading lists and/or hobby piles!! This evening Lord Commander Eloth was recording the second Banner Brothers Podcast episode and as such, I snuck in... Continue Reading →

It’s been… 84 years.

Hello everyone, although the posts have been thick and fast lately, it does feel like the hobby has been neglected. Remedying this happened last night during an impromptu Livestream. Some new tech needed to be tested out - an arm the camera sits on - so it felt like the perfect excuse to have a... Continue Reading →

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