It is not belief, when there’s nothing there to trust

I've been working more and more with one of my earliest characters, Torquemada. He has been developing his own story at a somewhat alarming rate! I've always seen him as a means to cope with darker thoughts and internal anguish. Something wicked that manipulates the mind into thinking all manner of unspeakable things. It's great... Continue Reading →

Dance of Intrigue

This is such a leap in the conversation between these two characters - but when the idea strikes you've got to go with it. The idea if these two is that they are polar opposites in many ways. Hope is free, caring and loving. She embodies the aspects in life that I desire the most.... Continue Reading →

Some artsy WIPs

I've been trying to get back into the art game the past couple of days. It's been a bit elusive due to lock down and my head thinking that I wanted to do something else. I clearly don't as I keep coming back to art and drawing imaginary animal people! I am currently working on... Continue Reading →

A gift to add on to your pain and suffering

A collaboration between myself and ZoelNoOne Ever since I drew Torquemada flaunting his flesh a few months back this image, this reconfiguration of him, has been stuck in my head. The Goddess that he worships is none-to-fond on banal pleasures of the flesh, so when she caught onto the fact her High-Bailiff was debasing himself to... Continue Reading →

Spoke of futures brave and proud

Another art collaboration to share today. This one with CattStarr on DeviantArt. Before I took my little art-break she drew a picture of my Skaejre and Torquemada with her characters Catt and Flickie. Flickie is the one with the crazy ears at the front and Catt is hovering over him. I coloured the lines up... Continue Reading →


I've rather fallen off the cart when it comes to personal artwork these past few weeks and honestly, I don't recall what I have shared and what I haven't. I went through a spell of working with some of my 'main' characters and designing them up for a canon universe, but honestly, since Covid-19 hit... Continue Reading →

Horrid Complications

  "Don't fret so, my dear Torquemada, I've not forgotten you." The words came as fleeting comfort for the Cenobite, he'd heard the words countless times afore. He knew what they meant and they caused him to toy subconsciously with the stitches that cut into his flesh. The reconfiguration of his flesh was long over... Continue Reading →

I’m my own biggest fan – part 6

I know we all have to start somewhere with our art, but even so I am a bit embarrassed to even share this one with everyone so publicly. It's the first picture of my first furry character, then called Cenobite, I changed his name to Torquemada. Mostly to give him a bit more originality and... Continue Reading →

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