Water Colours – 280717

Hello everyone. I just wanted to write a quick blog post and share a I know up card with you all. I had some miniature success over on Instagram when I shared the images in my previous post. I expressed my interest in making some greetings cards out of them and have a few positive... Continue Reading →

Water Colours – 270717

Good morning everyone, I'm really pleased with these artistic offerings! They are the continuation of my previous post. As I mentioned in that post, finding a way for Watercolours to work for me hasn't been easy - I think this is mostly because my experiences with Watercolours have been painting landscapes and trying to get... Continue Reading →

Water Colour – 260717

Hello everyone~ I went to the top floor of the house today and saw my watercolours sitting on the table and I felt utterly guilty! I remember feeling somewhat dejected with them last time I tried them out and did a bit of thinking. Maybe it was the subject matter that I chose that made... Continue Reading →

Ana Victoria Calderón Skillshare Course – Part 1

I wasn't going to make an update quite so soon as this, but seeing as my internet is currently being rather intermittent and temperamental with me, I thought I might as well share my discoveries thus far. I recently signed up to a website called Skillshare. It's where various creatives come together to teach their... Continue Reading →

Not everything works.

Sometimes the things we create don't always turn out the way we would like them too. I found that out this week while at Bury Art Society. The theme of this week was to create something from memory or imagination; a rather fun little idea that I thought would be great to try out some... Continue Reading →

Internet Detox – Day Four

I spent most of my day today on Dragon Age: Inquisition. My husband is out this evening so I shall probably spend most of the evening on it as well. – I've lost my day timing a little bit with the blog at this point, so while there might be more days in between posts... Continue Reading →

Internet Detox – Day Two

I felt it nagging today, and as such I felt a little unsettled. I could hear that little voice just telling me; 'Check your messages, it won't take long.' It took a lot of effort to resist it, but I did. And I feel proud of myself. I buried my head in housework, simple things... Continue Reading →

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