3W Wednesday – 24th Nov

What are you reading? Dan Abnett – Know no Fear Still kicking on with this one. I’m over the halfway mark now and determined to finish it by the end of this week/weekend. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and am looking forward to seeing how it all ends. It’s taken me a while toContinue reading “3W Wednesday – 24th Nov”

3w Wednesday – 17th Nov

I feel so behind this week it’s unreal! Sadly, Marcus was unwell on Tuesday so I’m scrambling to get a few posts done before going to bed – I swear one-day things won’t feel like they’re totally frantic and all over the place! What are you reading? This week it’s a bit more like, whatContinue reading “3w Wednesday – 17th Nov”

3W Wednesday – 10th Nov

Another week is done already! Wow! Isn’t this year just zooming by! Still enough time to get a few more books in though, so let’s not worry too much. I had a decent reading week so far this week. Managed to start and finish a couple of books so far. The reading list is slowlyContinue reading “3W Wednesday – 10th Nov”

3w Wednesday – 3rd Nov

For the sharp-eyed amongst you, you’ll see that I’ve changed up the headings, the URL, and rebranded. I’m not 100% convinced about the changes, maybe it’s a little too corporate/professional looking compared to how I write. But I needed the change. I’ve some goals in mind for the blog for further down the line andContinue reading “3w Wednesday – 3rd Nov”

3w Wednesday – 20th Oct

I feel like I have been most unproductive this past week or so, blog wise. I got ‘stuck’ on a book that I should have DNF’ed, but was too stubborn to quit; mostly due to it’s acclaim as being a good book. Alas, this was not my experience! So, I have a couple of blogContinue reading “3w Wednesday – 20th Oct”

3W Wednesday – 13th Oct

The WWW Wednesday meme was started by Taking on a World of Words and asks three questions beginning with W about books. You’re then encouraged to be social and post a link on the blog, etc, etc. What are you reading? Dune – Frank Herbert I’m not really sure if I am enjoying reading thisContinue reading “3W Wednesday – 13th Oct”

3W Wednesday – 29th Sept

I shamelessly stole this idea from Alli the Book Giraffe, I’m sorry I don’t feel guilty about it though, as she took it from elsewhere and the cycle of meme-stealing continues! I think it’s a neat idea to help keep me focused on the bookish aspect of my blog. A bit like how Model MondayContinue reading “3W Wednesday – 29th Sept”